Diagnostic Imaging in the Pre-Purchase Examination of the Western Performance Horse

Natasha Werpy, DVM, DACVR

Diagnostic imaging in the PPE of the western performance horseDiagnostic imaging has become an integral part of most pre-purchase examinations and is used in cases where the financial investment of the horse necessitates a greater degree of risk assessment than can be achieved solely by the clinical examination. In the pre-purchase examination, radiographs are the most frequently used imaging modality. However, as our understanding of both the contribution of different imaging modalities and the limitations of radiographs increases, additional imaging modalities are more frequently being utilized as a part of pre-purchase examinations.

This two-part course consists of one proceedings paper and the accompanying 2019 AAEP Convention presentation. The video has been split into two parts for ease of download and viewing; as one video part concludes, the next will unlock.

You must view all sections of the course before the quiz will unlock.

Course objectives:

With the successful completion of this course, you will understand

  • Goals of the exam
  • Understanding the athletic expectations of the horse
  • Predilection sites of injury
  • Imaging as part of the PPE
  • Limitations of rediographs
  • Benefits/complications of advanced imaging
  • Anatomic features
  • Specific abnormalities

Continuing education credit:

  • 1 credit hour Medical, Non-interactive/Anytime, with a passing score of at least 70%

Approximate duration:

  • 50 minutes: read the paper, view the presentation, complete the quiz


  • Read the paper from the 2019 AAEP Convention proceedings, approximately 5,200 words
  • View the presentation from the 2019 AAEP Convention, 20 minutes
  • Complete quiz
Diagnostic Imaging in the Pre-Purchase Examination of the Western Performance Horse00:51:15
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View the presentation, part 2 00:12:00
Read the paper from the 2019 AAEP Convention proceedings 00:30:00
Pass the quiz to earn CE credits
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