How to Set Professional Service Fees

How to Set Professional Service Fees

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In this on-demand recording of a 2020 AAEP Virtual Convention Table Topic with Dr. Monty McInturff and Dr. Jim Zeliff, the presenters share some of the tools they use to position themselves appropriately in the industry in regards to service fees. They discuss strategies that will help practices and solo practioners be both productive and profitable.

Questions asked and answered during the session include:

  • How do you determine your fees?
  • Building price points based on hourly rate plus equipment usage
  • Do you know your price point in the market?
  • Do you have access to a fee survey?

Also included in the discussion (and available as a .pdf in the resources section) is a anonymized fee survey that demonstrates various high and low fees for specific procedures and services.


How to Set Professional Service Fees
View the presentation from the 2020 AAEP Virtual Convention
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