Combining Oral Examination and Radiographic Findings to Optimize Treatment Planning

Combining Oral Exam and Radiographic Findings


The examination is the foundation of veterinary medical practice and a detailed oral examination is needed to identify dental abnormalities. Radiographic imaging allows the veterinarian to access both the intraoral and intra-alveolar portions of the tooth and surrounding structures. The complete dental evaluation utilizing both modalities is often essential in formulating a tentative diagnosis and an informed treatment plan.

This two-part course consists of one proceedings paper and the accompanying 2019 AAEP Convention presentation. The video has been split into two parts for ease of download and viewing; as one video part concludes, the next will unlock.

You must view all sections of the course before the quiz will unlock.

Course objectives:

With the successful completion of this course, students will

  • Understand the need for a complete systematic oral examination, including radiographic techniques
  • Learn the elements of a complete dental examination
  • Examine, through case studies, the use of modern dental examination techniques combined with quality radiographic imaging to diagnose dental disease and plan and carry out treatment

Continuing education credit:

  • 1 credit hour Medical, Non-interactive/Anytime, with a passing score of at least 70%

Approximate duration:

  • 1 hour: read the article, study photos, complete knowledge checks and quizzes


  • Read the paper from the 2019 AAEP Convention proceedings, approximately 3,160 words
  • View the presentation from the 2019 AAEP Convention, 35 minutes
  • Complete quiz
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Read the proceedings paper from the 2019 AAEP Convention 00:30:00
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