Client Education PowerPoint Presentations

AAEP Client Education PowerPointsThe AAEP, with the support of our Educational Partners, develops client education PowerPoint presentations based on topics in the AAEP's client brochure series. These custom-designed, ready-to-use presentations are perfect when talking to large groups of horse owners about equine health.

Each presentation can be downloaded to your desktop PC or tablet device directly from the website. 

These horse health presentations are endorsed by the AAEP in their current format. Editing or personalizing them in any way is prohibited.

Course Details

Colic: Minimizing its Incidence and Impact in Your Horse
Dental Care
Dental Care: The Importance of Maintaining the Health of Your Horse's Mouth
Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Preparedness: Being Prepared During Times of Disaster: Important Tips for Horse Owners
Emergency Care
Emergency Care: Guidelines to Follow During Equine Emergencies
Equine Herpesvirus
Equine Herpesvirus (EHV): What Every Horse Owner Should Know
The Expectant Mare
The Expectant Mare: Assuring the Health and Well-Being of the Pregnant Mare
The Foaling Mare & Newborn
The Foaling Mare & Newborn: Preparing for a Safe and Successful Foal Delivery
Foal Growth
Foal Growth: Special Care and Nutrition
Hay Quality & Nutrition
Hay Quality & Nutrition: Evaluating Your Horse's Nutritional Needs and Minimizing the Risk to Your Horse's Health
Immunization: Protect Your Horse Against Infectious Diseases
Internal Parasits
Internal Parasites: Strategies for Effective Parasite Control
Lameness and Pre-Purchase Exams
Lameness and Pre-Purchase Exams
Laminitis: Prevention and Treatment
Neurologic Conditions
Neurologic Conditions: Understanding the Causes and Controlling the Risks
The Older Horse
The Older Horse: Special Care and Nutrition
The Overweight Horse
The Overweight Horse: Special Care and Nutrition
Poisonous Plants
Poisonous Plants
Understanding Equine Strangles
Understanding Equine Strangles
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